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Dear Potential Sponsor:

We know you enjoy coming to COOUG meetings because:

 Help us stay here and continue doing this! How? COOUG needs your support to maintain the frequency and high quality of our programs and to cover our ongoing expenses in making this all happen. Please show your support by becoming an annual sponsor. Your tax-deductible contribution will earn you worldwide recognition on the COOUG web site , a sincere thank you from our board of directors and a continuing agenda of great COOUG meetings.

We are offering three levels of sponsorship and in keeping with our domain theme, they are:

These small contributions pale in comparison to the value of information returned over the course of the year, often from industry recognized speakers such as Martin Fowler, Bertrand Meyer, Jim Rumbaugh, Peter Coad, Anne Thomas Manes, Roger Sessions, Desmond D'Sousa, John Vlissides, and many others. Please make your tax-deductible check payable to COOUG and bring it to the next meeting or mail it to the address in our letterhead..

 Many thanks in advance from us all,

 The COOUG Board Of Directors