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Recommended Links To Object Technology 

Enjoy these sites!  Get a LARGE cup of coffee!The following sites are great "jumping off points" for getting up to date on all aspects of Object and Component Technology.  Every link on this page was checked in mid 2003 and found to be of high usefulness in providing object technology information.  Before you start, why not get a large mug of coffee and a few cookies -- 'cause you'll be staying awhile!

Can you recommend additional great sites?  If so, please send an E-Mail to me at .  
Please let me know of any links that are broken.

Thanks,  Terry McAuliffe, site editor.


Articles and resources for web-oriented developers http://softwaredev.earthweb.com/ 

CETUS Links - 18,331 Links on Objects & Components

Almost too much!  http://mini.net/cetus/software.html You can find ANYTHING if you start from here.

Scott Ambler's Online Writings

Many articles and white papers.  Java, C++ and Design Issues.   http://www.ambysoft.com/onlineWritings.html

Also, Scott Ampler's Agiledata Web Site http://www.agiledata.org/  


Dedicated to Enterprise JavaBeans and the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE).  http://www.theserverside.com

Roger Sessions "Object Watch"

Opinions on COM+/CORBA/EJB issues.  http://www.objectwatch.com/  Click on his newsletters.

Alistair Cockburn's Writings

Perspective on requirements, design, team management.  http://members.aol.com/acockburn/


All Objects, All the time!  http://www.smalltalk.org

Magazine Sites

Jeff Sutherland's #1 Object Technology Web Site    http://www.jeffsutherland.org

Jeff has a working perspective on Business Objects, Extreme Development, and much more.

Other Local Object User Groups Of Interest

Object Developers Group, Inc.
(site currently dormant although SIGS still meet - sorry - I hope it revives itself again.  Terry M)

They are a New York City based group with meetings and discussions on software development, for professional software developers. The focus is on Object-Oriented Technology, Tools and Techniques. They are very active with many interesting meetings each month.

See their site at http://www.objdev.org/   They also list many user groups in the tri-state area.

Borland Delphi

More than just Delphi - they follow Borland/Imprise products and Linux technology too.
Check out the Connecticut Delphi Users Group

Contact Larry Grigely    
860-648-6735 (day)
860-644-6631 (eve)

Rensselaer at Hartford Computer Science
Hartford Graduate Center
http://www.rh.edu     World class opportunity in Hartford.  Take a look

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