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"Promoting a more common awareness, understanding, usage, and acceptance of object technology"

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The Systems Group, Inc.

100 Western Boulevard 
Glastonbury, CT 06033 
Tel: (860) 633-0359 FAX: (860) 657-4503 
"IT Professionals Working for You" 

Has sponsored our newsletter mailing expenses since 1994!
c.w. Costello and Associates Sherie Davis, formerly of c.w. Costello and Associates, was responsible for bringing the original group together and sponsoring the first three years of meeting refreshment expenses.


Carr Communications

COOUG's beginning web site was provided by David Carr, a computer journalist and technical communication consultant. As a Senior Editor for WebWeek, he writes regularly about object technology applications for the Internet and intranets. 

The Carr Communications home page at http://www.carrcommunications.com/ includes pointers to these articles.


David Carr sponsored our web page from 1995 - 1998



Thanks to John Wiley & Sons, Inc. for
Door Prizes! Five copies of "UML Toolkit"
by Hans-Erik Eriksson and Magnus Penker

ISBN 0-471-19161-2

given out at Susan Burk's February  meeting




John Wiley and Sons, Inc. has provided many door prizes of books written by our speakers.


Thanks to Addison Wesley Longman for
upcoming Door Prizes!

Pattern Hatching: Design Patterns Applied
by John Vlissides
ISBN 0-201-43293-5

Foundations for Object/Relational Databases
The Third Manifesto
by C.J. Date and Hugh Darwin
ISBN 0-201-30978-5

and previous door prizes...

Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion
by Alpert, Brown, and Woolf
ISBN 0-201-18462-1

Building Scalable Database Applications
ISBN 0-201-31013-9

www.awl.com Addison Wesley Longman Site



Addison Wesley has provided many door prizes of books and CD-ROMs associated with our speakers.




Thanks to Prentice-Hall for
Door Prizes! Bertrand Meyer's Books - Given out at his meeting.

Object Oriented Software Construction 2nd Edition
ISBN 0-13-629155-4

Eiffel - The Language

Door Prizes! Prashant Sridaham's Books - Given out at his meeting.

"Advanced Java Networking",  with Bill Rieken, Laraine Peterson 

"Java Beans Developer's Resource".


www.phptr.com Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference Site



Prentice-Hall has provided many books as door prizes for our meetings.






Thanks to Interactive Software Engineering

for Bertrand Meyer's Visit!




Interactive Software Engineering arranged for Bertrand Meyer to visit COOUG last year.

Distributed Computing Magazine




Marie Lenzi provides complimentary copies of this magazine at our meetings.
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