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"Promoting a more common awareness, understanding, usage, and acceptance of object technology"

Joining COOUG

First of all... there are no dues!  OK, we do charge admission for some meetings.  But when we say "Joining COOUG" we really mean getting you on our E-Mailing list so that you receive notices for our public meetings and events.  Our hope is that you will eventually want to get more involved and help us run things.  See Helping COOUG.

Getting On The COOUG Mailing List
by Dan Golden, COOUG Membership Vice President



COOUG frequently publishes notices to Object Technology professionals in the local area (Hartford Connecticut USA), and to others who are involved with COOUG's business.  And yes, if you live in India or Japan or the UK we'll gladly add your name to our list, but your travel expenses to our meetings are likely to be high!

Please use "cut and paste" to send the info below to me at

Yes, I know it's crude, but this is all we have at the moment.
--1-- Just copy the info (below) to your clipboard
--2-- Fill in as much personal info as you'd like
--3-- Place "Mailing List" in the subject line.
--4-- Make sure it gets sent to me at after you fill it in!
Thanks. Dan Golden

Anything you send is read by actual human beings, not some web agent program.   Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, or whatever.  Or call us.   See the phone numbers in the COOUG Board listing.

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May we invite you to a small group session to discuss opportunities to help COOUG as a director, advisor, aide, etc.?


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Thinking about how you could help us?  See Helping COOUG for ideas.


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