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Business Rules Summer "Triple Header"
It's three special back-to-back COOUG meetings plus a Java Users Group meeting.  We started off with an introductory presentation on Business Rules from a top vendor, ILOG.  We followed up with a presentation on applying Business Rules from a systems integration/consultation firm ValueMomentum, experienced with several rules engines.  Our final meeting will address the process of capturing and verifying Business Rules from Ellen Gottesdiener.
July 17th Continues Business Rules Emphasis
"Benefiting from the Business Rules Approach"
Thursday July 17th Meeting
Gopikrishna Gade ("GK")
Delivery Head for the Business Rules Practice ValueMomentum
A receptive audience enjoyed the *free* pizza and had plenty of questions for "GK" on the practical aspects of implementing Business Rules.
GK's company, ValueMomentum, is a 300 employee systems integration and consulting firm with US offices in New Jersey. With plenty of experience using Business Rules tools from ILOG, Blaze, and other vendors. GK shared many tips for using Business Rules to enhance enterprise agility, reduce costs of maintenance, and increase an enterprise’s ability to quickly capitalize on opportunities and mitigate threats.
GK presented:

• Three case studies of Rules projects, describing the business problem, the constraints and technical environment.
• The proposed solution and the products involved.
• The importance of utilizing a detailed methodology to develop the business rules-driven application.
• Empowering business users in maintaining and modifying rules; some practical approaches.
• Some broad trends in how enterprises are increasingly adopting “Rules as a service” across the enterprise.

Stay tuned for some of GK's Meeting Slides.

We gave away these eight books as door prizes.!

       3 Copies                      3 Copies                   1 Copy                 1 Copy
   ------ Courtesy Value Momentum -----             ----- Courtesy Addison Wesley ----

Big July 8th Meeting Kicked off "Triple Header"
"Building Cutting-Edge Applications with Business Rules Technology"
Tuesday July 8th Meeting

Nicolas Robbe, Director, Business Solutions ILOG
Interest in Business Rules was very high among the many who decided to attend this technical session on a beautiful summer evening.  Rule-based architectures permit information-driven enterprises to decouple the way they engage their customers from static software implementations, allowing more rapid product evolution, improved customer service delivery, and increased day-to-day flexibility in operations.
Mr. Robbe's presentation discussed:
• Evolution of business rules technology (from rule engines to business rules management)
• How to integrate business rules technology into Java applications and legacy systems, including applications running on the J2EE platform
• How to identify structural and fixed versus non-structural and changeable logic elements in your design
• How more flexible applications can be developed using business rules with real-world examples from the insurance industry.

Nicolas Robbe is Director of Business Solutions at ILOG, a leader in Business Rules Management and Optimization Software. Nicolas has over 12 years of experience in the fields of business rules technologies and optimization, and their application to specific-industry problems. Prior to joining ILOG in 1995, Nicolas spent several years in software engineering positions at Siemens and Bull Computers. He attended the University of Colorado and the Universite de Technologie de Compiegne, France, where he graduated with a MS in Computer Science

The Java Users Group featured a technical continuation of this meeting on Tuesday July 15th.

The following book door prizes were given courtesy Addison Wesley plus some valuable prizes from ILOG.


Meeting 3 - August 5th
"Use Cases and Business Rules"
Tuesday August 5th,  5:30-8:00PM
The Hartford Insurance Company
Ellen Gottesdiener
Principal Consultant EBG Consulting
The term "business rule" is used to discuss both the requirements analysis phase and the logical or physical design phase of software development. When people talk about requirements analysis, the conversation usually centers around what the business rules are, how to elicit them, and how to extend them forward to the design and implementation phases of a project. When it comes to the logical or physical stage of software development, the application development manager's chief concern is where to place business rules so that they remain very flexible but do not degrade application performance.

Ellen Gottesdiener, CPF (Certified Professional Facilitator) is Principal Consultant of EBG Consulting, Inc., where she works with teams to help them explore requirements, shape their development processes and collaboratively plan and improve their work. Ellen is an expert in using facilitated workshops in software projects for chartering requirements and interim as well as end-of-project retrospectives. She is a pioneer in business rule-driven requirements workshops and in using participatory techniques to bring together technical and business people for shared outcomes. Prior to becoming independent, Ellen had a 13-year career with CIGNA Corp as a developer, analyst, trainer and project manager.
In addition to her project consulting and facilitation work, Ellen presents seminars on requirements, facilitated workshops, object-oriented analysis & design and peer reviews. Author of the book Requirements by Collaboration: Workshops for Defining Needs (Addison Wesley, 2002), Ellen has written numerous papers on requirements, workshops, methods and modeling. She is a frequent speaker at numerous industry conferences. Ellen is a member of ACM, IEEE, DAMA and IAF (International Association of Facilitators). She is on the Advisory Board for Software Development Conference and is technical advisor for the requirements section of stickyminds.com.
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Thank You Mike!
Tuesday June 10th Meeting
Michael Stevens,
Application Architect, The Hartford
"Service Oriented Architecture"

Download Mike's Slides

With the introduction of Web Services over the last couple of years, there has been a renewed interest in service-oriented architecture (SOA). A SOA is an architecture that changes the software paradigm from "install and use" to "find and use" software. In this presentation, Mike presented the concepts behind SOA, the benefits of moving to an SOA and some of the potential pitfalls of using SOA in the enterprise.
Michael Stevens is an application architect with The Hartford specializing in service-oriented architectures for the enterprise. He has written several articles for developer.com and is co-author of therated book "Java Web Services Architecture". He has over fourteen years of experience in information technology architecting and developing software systems, most recently focusing on J2EE solutions. He is a certified Java programmer, a member of the IEEE Computer Society, and of the ACM. He may be reached at mike@mestevens.com.


The above two books as door prizes courtesy Addison Wesley.  Plus two copies of Java Web Services Architecture as door prizes courtesy Morgan Kaufmann.


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2003 Planning Calendar

Business Rules Triple-Header Summer Special

July 8 - Nicolas Robbe  ILOG - "Introduction to Business Rules"
July 17 - Gade Gopikrishna "Benefiting from the Business Rules Approach"
August 5 - Ellen Gottesdiener "Use Cases and Business Rules"

September 9 - Gerry Seidman, IAMX - "All about peer-to-peer JXTA"
October 14 - Scott Ambler
November 11 - Martin Fowler
December 9  - Tom Shore, Compuware - "MDA and Pattern Implementation"

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April 2004 - Tom Fulton

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